Monday, January 24, 2011

Visiting in the Villages

We have started visiting in the villages--one of our favorite things to do! First, we hold a short meeting in the church, and pass out gifts for the children--today it was Beanie Babies. How they love them! Afterwards, we set out in 2 groups, each with a translator to
visit in the homes of the members, and those attending the meetings. Our Heather, Katie, Beckie and Emily had an especially good time--a child hanging on each hand, others crowding around for some attention, some putting flowers in their hair. After we pass through, there is hardly a marigold left on the stem! We get to take turns praying with the people, and seeing how hard life in a rural village really is. Some of the homes are so humble--put together with dung and clay, or part concrete block with large, heavy plastic bags for walls, or woven sticks with palm frond roofs. Makes us all appreciate the homes we will be coming back to! We got to see 2 day old triplet goats and adorable 3 week old puppies! Water buffalo are in almost every yard.

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