Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Evening Meetings

ItalicCan't believe the meetings are 1/3 over already! On Monday night, we got to our site and found the son of one of the church members had just died 2 hours before. He was only in his forties, and the fact he died of tetanus made it especially sad. For the sake of not having one simple inexpensive immunization, he was taken needlessly from his family. The village elders initially asked us to not hold the meeting, but after part of the group went and prayed for the family, they allowed us to continue without the loud speaker. So Sondi preached close to the crowd so they could hear. We actually liked that, as the speakers are always on ear-splitting decibel mode! Heather preached last night on the 10 commandments--she's got a real future as an evangelist!--it was terrific! I'm posting some photos of some of us in action. The attendance is good, and we are having so much fun with the song services--they love the action songs!

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