Monday, January 31, 2011

School Visits

We have enjoyed visiting 2 of our Adventist schools in the area--The Nuzvid school (1700 students), and the Ibrahimpatnam School (1025 students). The classrooms are spartan, and some of the students don't even have benches or desks. In the kindergarden rooms of Nuzvid, wafts of sewage from somewhere outside regularly invade the air! Teachers have up to 60 students per classroom!! Imagine trying that at Pine Tree!! In spite of it all, the kids seem eager to learn and very happy to be there. We had prayer with them, then passed out Beanie Babies and Matchbox cars to Kindergarden thru 4th grades--not enough to do the whole school. The expressions on the faces of the children tell the story better than I can!

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