Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Village Visits

We have had a great time continuing to visit in the villages! Here are a few photos of life in such a poor rural place, and all of us getting to know the people. The girls have children stripping every
flowering bush to put blossoms in their hair! A crowd of kids follows us from yard to yard, begging for Matchbox cars and Beanie Babies, We prayed for 2 people today that made a decision for baptism at last night's meeting! The picture of the boy and the Matchbox car is for all those who generously donated them--have you ever seen such happiness and pride on the face of a child? We learned today that a good bull ox costs $2200!! There are quite a few of them--wonder how long a field worker has to save for one on a salary of $1-2/ a day!! By the way--what are the odds of getting pooped on by a crow twice in 3 days? Just ask Beckie--they're doggone good!!

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