Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sabbath Activities

We had a great Sabbath! We all walked to the Nuzvid SDA Secondary School next door for Sabbath School. It's a school of 1700 kids--700 of whom stay in the hostel (boarding dorm). The students did all the programing. We had lesson study outside under a tree in the courtyard! Afterwards, Phil, Steve, Bob, Sondi, Beckie and Emily went to the village SDA church in Pothuraddipalli to do church service, while the rest of us stayed at the

school and had services there-taught them songs, and did a skit. Harry had the sermon, and gave the poor translator a run for his money--between his story for the kids about chocolate-covered cockroaches, and his story of his cardiac arrest! The congregation in Pothuraddipalli served us all lunch in the church. The evening meeting went well despite being too long. The villagers don't come till quite late, and the pastors want to wait for them, so we didn't get started until 8:45PM. We had a power outage (thankfully brief) at 10PM just as Steve was coming to the close of his sermon, We didn't finish till 10:30PM, which didn't please the village elders. We've got to streamline the program a bit, and hopefully start a litter earlier.

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