Friday, January 28, 2011

Gypsy Village!

We visited our last village yesterday--Pooratam Nagar. It is a tidy place set in the middle of 6000 acres of forest. The people are primarily gypsies, and as a national minority, they recieve a parcel of land from the government to settle on. The 550 homes are set farther apart than other villages with plenty of room for animals and a garden--a nice change from other villages that are extremely crowded, with homes almost on top of each other. It has a spacious, relaxed feeling. Some women still dress in traditional gypsy outfits--colorful skirts, and heavy vests covered with small mirrors. Most of the homes are round clay with thatched roofs, and painted with intricate designs. After we visited, Beckie, Katie and Emily had fun teaching the children to play Chinese jumprope! The land the church is built on there has plenty of room for a much needed Bible worker home--I think this is where we will build one. The ladies of the congregation cooked and served us a great traditional meal--some things we'd never tasted before. We watched a mother give a baby a bath, sipped Indian tea under a blossoming mango tree, and passed out lots of Beanie Babies! I think this is my favorite village.

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