Thursday, January 20, 2011


Have to explain the picture post. Spent an hour trying to upload them on this agonizingly slow computer, and ran out of time to label them! The house is where 6 of us are staying. The one in front of the van (our transportation for the duration) shows the beautiful flower garlands presented to us by our pastors Mark and Prakash. One is of us finally in Hyderabad with some of the luggage. The last is of the girls by the "internet browsing center" with tiny bananas we all love here!
Now to our adventure in Vijaywada--the closest large city to Nuzvid, where we are staying--about 1 hour 15 minutes. Thursday was our only day before the meetings start to get the things we needed and buy punjabi outfits for the girls. The drive was very interesting. We saw herds of goats going to pasture with their shepherds, troupes of monkeys strolling the fields, dodged water buffaloes in the road, saw fields of cotton and mango orchards (too bad they're not in season!). There are little villages along the way with mud and brick walls and thatched roofs, huge lentil and rice straw stacks in the fields, women balancing baskets on their heads while leading cows with ropes, and brilliant green rose-ringed parrots flying overhead. Vijaywada is a huge city--a sensual assault to the eyes, ears, and nose! Traffic, noise of every kind, beggars, sellers of everything imaginable, big modern shops with A/C, tiny stalls, colorful signs and clothes, burning insence, burning garbage! The girls found nice outfits, we bought some gifts for those at home, ate a late lunch at a nice restaurant--all of us plus our guide and his wife stuffed ourselves for $50--that's 12 people! The ride back was nerve-racking--barrelling through traffic, livestock and people in the dark at 40MPH!!
This morning Steve told us a rat has been nibbling at his bar of soap. Today it was completely gone! He hopes it gets good and sick! He's also going to plug the hole with paper!

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