Friday, February 4, 2011

Still More Village Visits!

We finished all of our village visiting yesterday. It is always so interesting, though still startling to see the poverty even after 2 weeks. The 5 children pictured were all alone while their mother was being seen at the hospital. The oldest, probably about 7, was busily sweeping the dirt floor! We met a 14 year old in advanced pregnancy with her 2nd child! We visited another gypsy village where most of the women wear traditional dress, including all their worldly wealth in the form of dowry jewelery--brass necklaces, huge nose rings, and large white bangle bracelets. Today, while driving over big piles of lentil brush that the laborers put on the road (so the vehicle tires will thresh it for them) a big bunch got tangled in the drive shaft of the van! Emily joined the workers and the driver, and crawled under and cut it away with her knife! The fellow with the stocking cap is our beloved Pastor Mark Lazarus--it was 73 degrees, and he was cold! Don't panic! Katie only took a short spin on the motorcycle on the school campus!

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