Friday, February 4, 2011

Farewell Night

Last night was the night all the villages bring flower garlands to say thank you for the meetings and visits. It always makes me cry! The 4 girls did something new--charades for the children's story--it was fun and the kids loved it! Heather did the sermon, and had everyone spellbound with her personal story of being trapped in a cave! It had a great spiritual application. We were buried in up to 10 garlands each--take it from us--they weigh a ton! We each got to express ourselves to the crowd--say what the experience has meant to each of us. We've given away 1000 Beanie Babies, and 800 Matchbox cars--the most ever! We've prayed hundreds of prayers in the villages and after the meetings. For sure, we all will come back physically tired, spiritually refreshed, changed in many ways, and eager to return again. The shining eyes and beautiful smiles of these generous people will always be in our hearts, memory and prayers.

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