Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More About The Meetings

We have been very happy that the lord has blessed our meetings with wonderful attendence each night--about 250-300. Lots stay after the benediction for special prayer. Katie gave an interview when Phil preached on the Sabbath--what God's special day has meant to her personally. The most unusual visitor (if you don't count the drunk that kept trying to get up to the platform, and the puppies that roam through!) was a tiny baby monkey one of the boys brought on a rope! It just loved Emily, and snuggled right into her arms! Leading the song service has been so much fun--everyone is so enthusiastic. I wish we could pick up Telegu as fast as the kids pick up English! Steve has been playing his electronic guitar/zither thing, and Harry is on guitar. As usual, loud drums and clapping accompany every song. Emily has been our capable audio/visual person--she runs the computer and power point presentations. Our 5 outlying villages pack into 9 tiny 4 passenger auto-cabs--up to 15 in each one! Only 3 meetings left!

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