Wednesday, February 2, 2011


India is such a land of contrast! Before we got on our way to the village this morning, I had to run an errand to the medicals stall, where they sell the latest in pharmaceuticals. Walking back, I had to dodge motorcycles, auto-cabs, cars, a sow and 3 piglets, 2 cows and a herd of water buffalo! Don't see that in downtown Portland very often!! We have had 2 baptisms of people in our villages--61 in all, with another planned for tomorrow. They have been studying with our faithful Bible workers well before we arrived. Some made decisions at the meetings. What a joy to see this, and present each one with a new Bible! The site is near the village of T. Gannavarum--a watering pond for the local herds of water buffalo. It was a lovely setting with white egrets perched in the trees and flying overhead, but the shore and bottom were deep mud! The pastor and candidates sank ankle deep! It was also the hottest day so far--humid, no breeze and in the high 80's. Those baptized ranged from an elderly couple, to teenagers and everyone in between--starting a new life in Jesus. This is what India Mission 2011 is all about!

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